SPORTS VENUES 2020/2021, das internationale Jahrbuch der Sportstätten

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Titel: SPORTS VENUES 2020/2021, das internationale Jahrbuch der Sportstätten
Veröffentlichungsdatum: August 2020
Autor: Stadionwelt
Sprache: Englisch
Format: DIN A4
154 Seiten

SPORTS VENUES 2020/21 ist ein Muss für die gesamte Sportstätten-Branche. Das internationale Jahrbuch der Sportstätten von Stadionwelt erscheint Anfang August und gibt einen fundierten Überblick über den weltweiten Sportstättenbau.
Der Baureport liefert die wichtigsten Fakten zu Projekten rund um den Globus. Im Tech Report werden die wichtigsten Trends der Branche in den Bereichen Ausstattung und Technik aufgezeigt. Die vielfältigen Themen im Tech Report reichen von Beschallung, Flutlicht, Payment, Dächer bis zum aktuell viel diskutierten Oberbegriff Digitalisierung. Die dritte Säule des Magazins stellt die betriebliche Komponente dar: Das Heft bietet exklusive Stadion- und Arenaportraits und blickt hinter die Kulissen.


The next era of top stadiums is coming
A look on various new top stadiums around the globe.

Amercican Glory: New Arenas on the horizon
The arena landscape of North America is shaped by the two top leagues NBA and NHL.

Experts’ opinions on stadium architecture
What are trends and upcoming issues in modern venue architecture? How huge are the impacts of the pandemic?

Stadia & Arenas: Roadmap to Reopening
 With the sports and live entertainment sector left in limbo across the globe due to COVID-19, we hear from a range
of industry experts on their preparations ahead of reopening.

Smart Stadium? Not without a digital strategy!
Arne Sebastian Fritz, Head of Sports and Entertainment at Drees & Sommer and Dr. Markus Sass, Expert for the safety of sports grounds and event venues at Drees & Sommer.


“Multifunctionality is our great motto”
The O2 arena in Prague is one of the largest multifunctional arenas in Europe. STADIAWORLD spoke to Robert Schaffer, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Bestsport.

Let us entertain you
The race for the title of the largest arena in the UK has long since begun. Numerous new building and conversion
projects are vying for the top spot.

“Nobody had attempted this before”
George Vaughan, Head of Technology, Ascot Racecourse, about challenges of the current climate, utilising existing NFC technology and what the future holds.

Construction Report

SPORTS VENUES 2020/21: Construction Report
The report by STADIAWORLD provides the most comprehensive overview about the construction of sports facilities worldwide.

Athletics track renewal in the largest active holiday resort in the world
The Swiss company Conica is carrying out an impressive project at the Club La Santa on the Canary Island of Lanzarote.

“Bring events to LA that wouldn’t be here”
It is the most expensive stadium ever to be built. STADIAWORLD spoke to Jason Gannon, Managing Director,
SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park, about the gigantic project.


Tech Report: Trends an what’s behind them
Digital displays, lighting, turf and many other features: Leading venues have to be state of the art and sometimes even ahead of time. They are always driven by many demands.

Make the right decisions for tomorrow today
Image quality = Data quality: How video analysis and AI applications meet the challenges of the future.

A smart future for Los Angeles FC
Axess is trendsetter when it comes to new technologies in the field of ticketing and access systems. The Los Angeles FC is first to receive customized gates for the Banc of California Stadium.


Outlook: Events 2020 & 2021
Many large events will take place in the next twelve months, all subject to change due to the Corona pandemic. Many of them should have been in 2020, anyway.

Eden Park embraces to deliver multiple World Cup events in three years
With Eden Park set to host three World Cup events in the next three years, the stadium is embracing the New Zealand Government’s funding announcement for sport recovery.

All Problems solved — almost
Following the postponement of the UEFA EURO 2020 to next year it was initially unclear whether all venues would still be part of the event. This has since become clear.

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