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Titel: SPORTS VENUES 2018, das internationale Jahrbuch der Sportstätten
Veröffentlichungsdatum: Dezember 2017
Autor: Stadionwelt
Sprache: Englisch
Format: DIN A4
ca. 120 Seiten



Das einzige Jahrbuch für die Sports Venues Branche
Das Werkzeug, wo alle Produkte und Dienstleistungen angeboten werden.

Die Sonderausgabe bietet einen einzigartigen Überblick über den weltweiten Sportstättenbau. SPORTS VENUES 2018 ist ein Muss für die gesamte Branche, vom Bauherrn und Architekten bis zum Betreiber. Neubau, Umbau, Modernisierung – der weltweite Baureport liefert alle wichtigen Fakten. SPORTS VENUES 2018 bietet zudem den Überblick über die wichtigsten Trends der technischen Ausstattung. Betriebliche Komponenten von Sportstätten bilden die dritte Säule von SPORTS VENUES 2018.

Das Magazin erscheint gedruckt als internationale Ausgabe in englischer Sprache.



You name it, the industry does it!
We have seen many appealing high class projects recently. They all have in common the approach to serve multifunctionality and changing demands. Sports venues today more than ever are all-rounders.


Atlanta’s new NFL theater
The Mercedes-Benz Stadium was opened in August and is designed to provide the Atlanta Falcons’ fans with a perfect stadium experience.

Bad marks for NFL teams in US fan experience study
Major League Soccer (MLS) or National Hockey League (NHL) teams perform highest in 10 of the 11 markets included in the J.D. Power 2017 Fan Experience Study.

Fan experience: Success factors for an stadium visit
What does fan experience actually mean? How can you enhance the experience for fans effectively? And which economic potential does it harbor?

“Built for the people”
Interview with Patrick Talty, General Manager for SMG of U.S. Bank Stadium, about the first 1.5 years of operation and future challenges.

A modern classic
The Olympiastadion Berlin continues the tradition of large athletics stadiums.

“We are well positioned for an entire range of events”
Timo Rohwedder, Managing Director of Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH, is talking with us about the special features of the location as well as events and improvements the management is implementing.

Ownership of stadiums in Europe
Stadium ownership remains the exception rather than the rule for most European clubs.

Naming rights: Major changes and renewals
Beside the openings of name sponsored venues there have been several name changes of existing venues across the globe.

The VIP League
The 20 Premier League clubs have a wide variety of history, traditions and, quite literal, goals, they want to achieve.

New stadiums offer new VIP experiences
The importance of hospitality for VIP guests has grown. Even if the overall relation of club seats to public seats is not increasing rapidly the standards of VIP areas are rising.

“A number of natural synergies”
Interview with Nick Smart, Vice President Development North & West Europe Hilton Worldwide. The international hotel company operates several hotels in stadiums and arenas worldwide.

Parking spaces: often scarce but profitable
A sufficient number of parking spaces is advantageous for a stress-free event visit and creates profitable revenue for organisers.

Construction Report

SPORTS VENUES 2018: Construction Report
The matchless report provides the most comprehensive overview about construction of sports facilities.

Stadia construction: Rise of spendings
Stadium construction is thriving again, and sports franchises, especially the National Football League (NFL), are in the midst of a building boom.

Training centers: Sustainable investment in the future
To provide professionals and up-and-coming talent with sustainable training operations European clubs invest in training centers.

Stadium design: Roofs and tiers
While the basics of stadium design have remained unchanged there is an evolution going on within existing buildings and building types.

Promising sports and entertainment destination
Set to open in August 2018, ahead of the 2018-19 Premier League season, Tottenham Hotspur’s new 61,559-capacity stadium is one of the most interesting projects.

Tech Report

Tech Report: The trends in venue equipment
Large stadiums and arenas are becoming more glamourous, while they are networking with their visitors and events, and becoming part of the show themselves. But contemporary technical equipment is designed for further purposes, too.

The dawning of a new pixel age
The projects completed in 2017 have confirmed the trend towards bigger and bigger LED displays, which are integrated into the architecture more than ever before.

Sound installations: Time for an update
Sometimes it is not the components of a current sound system but integration into an upgraded environment that requires a system update.

Unforseen possibilities in venue lighting
Not only because LED is becoming more and more efficient, ever more large stadiums and arenas are lighthouse projects for the new technology.

 Pitch technologies still evolving
There is no stopping technologies that make playing fields even more multifunctional, that support natural turf synthetically and promote its growth.

Heating systems: More warmth in the stadium
A “heated” stadium atmosphere is not just caused by teams and fans. Modern heating systems provide comfort at low outside temperatures and significantly increase the quality of stay.

Ticketing developments transforming the fan experience
The ways in which fans interact with ticketing for major events is changing at a rapid pace.

Increased security measures at venues around the world
Sports events with many visitors can harbor risks and dangers. More recently, safety measures have been tightened.

Venue Security 2018 – a view by ICSS
Andrew Cooke, Director of the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS), with his answers to the most important questions in safety and security issues.

“The goal is quality assurance”
Interview with Mats Enquist, CEO of the Swedish Football League, about the stadium developments in Sweden and safety issues in the Allsvenskan league.

With the power of the sun
Quite many sports venues use the power of the sun. Here is an overview of the 50 biggest solar systems connected to stadiums and sports venues worldwide.

“A revolutionary solution!”
Henk Markerink, CEO of Amsterdam ArenA, describes xStorage and a number of further innovations the operators of the multifunctional stadium are introducing.

Climate Footprint of a German Bundesliga match day.

Case Studies

In August the FC Bayern Campus in Munich opened its doors. Polytan was in on the action as the fitter of choice.

Environmentally friendly and modular stadiums made of glulam wood by the Italian company Rubner Holzbau.

Thomas Hermeking (PFEIFER) highlights current projects of the specialist contractor for lightweight and tensile structures.

Celtic FC upgraded the sound with loudspeakers from Electro-Voice for a new stadium experience.

Hauke Petersen (Musco) explains the value of “sound to light” solutions in contemporary systems for sports lighting.

Rüdiger Lanz (LANZ Manufaktur) explains lighting technology terms and fundamental principles for the development of high quality lighting.

The quality of artificial turf pitches depends on the type of infill granules used. Melos succeeded in combining natural and synthetic materials.

Turf care
Nico van Vuuren (SGL) on using LED lighting for growing grass sports playing surfaces.

Sports floors
Glass sports venue flooring by ASB GlassFloor revolutionises Bundesliga handball in Dresden.

Security technology
Rangers FC decided it was time to upgrade to a state-of-the-art video monitoring system by video technology experts Dallmeier.

The international LED floodlight specialist GigaTera is illuminating the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.


Outlook: Events 2018
2018 is packed with a whole range of exciting sports events – both at club level and national team level. STADIAWORLD takes a look at the most important upcoming events in the 2018 sports calendar.

PyeongChang 2018: Temporary solutions and payment innovations
The 2018 Olympic Winter Games in the South Korean city of PyeongChang include a provisional stadium for the opening and closing ceremony as well as a payment innovation.

Major investments for a major event
STADIAWORLD looks at the most expensive World Cup in history as well as the host country and its sports facilities.

Company Index: Builders, planners and suppliers
Find the right company for your sports venue projects.

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