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Title: Stadionwelt INSIDE | Special issue SPORTS VENUES 2016
Publication date: December 2015
Author: Stadionwelt
Language: English
Format: DIN A4
approx. 150 pages



SPORTS VENUES 2016 is the recent special edition of the expert magazine Stadionwelt INSIDE. The compendium offers a unique synoptic view on the stadia business worldwide. It is a must read for builders, architects and operators. The brochure is made up on 150 pages.

New building, renovation, refurbishment – the worldwide building report provides all essential facts. More than this, SPORTS VENUES 2016 displays the most important trends for technical equipment. Operational aspects for sports venues are the third column of SPORTS VENUES 2016.

This special edition was printed separately in German and English, whereas the English version is additionally available as an free e-book download


“Concepts as development boost for your surroundings”
Interview with Axel Bienhaus of planning office AS&P about future trends in global stadium construction.

Building report: Index
The sports venue report offers a unique overview. 93 countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Europe: Venue Report
Major events and national stadiums dominate the European sports venue market.

A smooth transfer to the operator
Interview with Andrea Trapp (Textura Europe) about the use of intelligent software and their potential for construction projects.

“Investing in quality and not in quantity“
Interview with Henk Markerink from Amsterdam ArenA, the first multipurpose arena in Europe.

“Standing places are as safe as seats”
Interview with experts of Companeer GmbH about the pre-conditions for safe standing areas in sport arenas.

Allianz Arena: Well-rounded business case
In 2015 the Allianz Arena in Munich celebrated its 10 year anniversary and is continuously making advances for the future.

Asia: Venue Report
Treble dose of Olympics: China, South Korea and Japan together invest around 15 billion Euros.

“The lights never go off“
Interview with Jose Raymond of Singapore Sports Hub that opened its doors in 2014.

Oceania: Venue Report
Despite Australia failing with its World Cup bid some major projects are going to be realised Down Under.

Construction costs: Comparison of stadium projects
The overview contains all relevant building projects of the last 20 years.

Africa: Venue Report
Between Morocco and South Africa projects of more than 2 billion Euros are planned and being built

North America: Venue Report
The sports venues of the largest sports market still set standards internationally.

AT&T: Stadium: American Dream
The AT&T Stadium is one of the world’s most expensive stadiums and after six years in operation still one of the most modern.

South and Central America: Venue Report
In Argentina and Uruguay large projects are planned for football. If the World Cup was awarded then this would be a catalyst.

Creating space
Stadiums are subject to a continuous change. Different venues in Germany as an example for expansion.

Stadium roof: Function and identification
Modern stadium roofs are light, flexible and economical structures and also an eye-catcher.

Questions about: Stadium roof
Experts from companies that are involved in a major stadium projects evaluate technology and processes in planning and construction.

Temporary construction: A new standard
As an alternative to concrete construction or as an addition to existing structures temporary construction is on the way up.

Tennis: Trend moving to retractable roofs
Next to Grand Slam giants also smaller tennis venues implement innovations.

“A guarantee for games“
Interview with Johnny Perkins from the All England Lawn Tennis Club about the advancements of Wimbledon.

“Integrated existing stadium into city circuit“
Interview with Hermann Tilke, one of the leading planners for creating race circuits.

Athletics: IAAF World Indoor Championships
Indoor World Championships coming to Oregon. Infrastructural preliminary work has to be done.

The last of its type
The number of athletics stadiums is on the decline. The list of the survivors still is quite distinguished.

Building boom for training facilities
The establishment of modern training centres has nearly the same significance for the club as a modern stadium.

“Parts of our role models we have developed ourselves”
Interview with Christoph Helbich from SHA Scheffler Helbich Architekten GmbH about the training centre of RB Leipzig.


EHF EURO 2016: Handball European Championships
Poland presents itself in January 2016 as host with an interesting arena quartet.

EURO 2016: No fear of white elephants
For the first time 24 teams will play at EURO 2016. The increase of participants requires more stadiums.

Rio 2016: Dancing on the volcano
The XXXI. Olympic Summer Games and 2016 Paralympics Games are taking place in the backdrop of Rio de Janeiro.

2018 World Cup: Cost brake for Russia
The tournament in Russia will up until now be the most expensive World Cup. Now the costs are being drastically cut.

EURO 2020: 13 countries, 13 cities, 13 stadiums
Not one or two countries will host the EURO 2020 but actually 13. An overview.

Wembley Stadium: Myth and modernity
What are the operational challenges that lie behind the dazzling façade of this famous stadium?

2022 World Cup: Winter tournament in Qatar
In 2022 the first Winter World Cup is taking place in Qatar which will make football history.

The great stages of world sport
Away from EUROS and Olympics a number of top events are taking place in 2016. An overview.


Hybrid turf: Synthetic support for the playing field
The market for hybrid systems has developed dynamically – with more product choice and other target groups next to the stadium.

Artificial turf: Global progress
In 2015 artificial turf celebrated its 50th anniversary. Often vilified the surface has got long recognition in professional sport.

Artificial pitch worthy of a final
The BC Place in Vancouver was fitted in the spring of 2015 with a new artificial pitch from Polytan.

Hockey: Short fibres enhance ball control
Hockey sport has different requirements: A specific synthetic turf is unfilled, flat and very dense.

Spectators in Europe’s top leagues
A look at the visitor figures and capacity rates in England, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

Fascinating images – in the stadium and at home
The Broadcast Solutions GmbH has announced the distribution partnership for Robycam products.

Floodlights: LED on the advance
In professional sport over the last years more and more reference installations with LED floodlight are being realised.

Bigger, brighter, better
In the US dimensions of videowalls have bigger dimensions than anywhere else.

First class LED display systems
S[quadrat] GmbH has installed numerous systems in sports venues including in EURO football stadiums.


WLAN: US leagues as pioneers
The issue of connectivity has over years grown in importance for operators. A look towards the US.

Connections that Matter: Especially on Game Day
Extreme Networks offers stable WLAN solutions for sports and event venues.

Giving sustainability a framework
Certificates, labels and co.: Energy efficiency is increasingly becoming a focal point for operators.

Certified sustainability supported by intelligent software
Textura Europe offers a software for efficient project and process management within the scope of LEED certifications.

Athletics as winter sport
Radiant ceiling panels from Zehnder warm up the Sportforum Berlin, one of the largest athletics halls in Germany.

Hospitality: A discussion with two market leaders
Interview with Todd Fleming from Legends and Doug Tetley from Delaware North about hospitality and catering trends.

With “Beerjet” never suffer thirst again in the stadium
Beerjet is the new high performance beverage tap for stadiums and major events.

Extraordinayry hospitality areas
With individual areas some sports venues offer their guests a unique atmosphere.

Naming Rights: Big sums for big letters
Name sponsoring has gained traction over the last years and by now has established.

“The most valuable marketing tool in sport“
Interview with naming rights expert Jeff Knapple on one of the most important sources of revenue in professional sport.

New edition of the successful congress. The scene will once again meet in 2016 at the Frankfurt Commerzbank-Arena.

Guided tour behind the scenes
Stadium tours have developed into a further revenue stream for clubs and stadium operators.

Company index
Overview of suppliers and service providers from the world of sports venues. From architects to videowalls.


Social Media: Sports venues on the Internet

Attendance figures: Spectator Top 100

Match day revenue in Europe


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